• theerthapavithrangayathri 5w


    By the passing of an Autumn
    you came into my life
    throwing bothersome tantrums
    and tangling me by mean.
    For the world you are somebody
    who have nothing special to admire
    but for me you have something unfathomable
    which in words is hard to pronounce.
    There isn't a thing you wouldn't do
    to make me feel I am living my dreams
    and there isn't any dream of mine
    I worried to persue as long as you're with me.
    you always stood by my side
    like a rock solid support
    making you the mate to my soul
    and you the indespensable armor.
    I kid you not my sweetheart
    I ain't know you back then
    but I bet you are the only thing
    I know today as much as I know me.
    believe me you are my all-time 'wondrous love'.