• temi_faniyi 23w

    Nothing we knew
    Pure souls we had
    Free spirited we were , With our imagination running wild.With the sweetest tooth.When asked what we wanted to become we alll wanted to be heroes and wear capes, We all wanted to be princesses, We all wanted to help and make a difference, We all wanted to save people lol .We took our bedspread and tried copying what we saw superman do .I wanted my voice to be heard .I was asked what I wanted to be I said musician because I believe I could pass a message , I believe music speaks , I believed in the power of my voice. My passion for music grew, I said I love acting I could act and people will watch me demonstrate my feelings , My emotions , My views , I can lend my voice that way . Drama and Movies became my friend. I said I love to talk what can i channel that into journalism , and state the fact as it is , and not sugar coat it . I also love writing and chanelled it through saving people and creating awareness. This is my tool and this is how I lend my voice . What is your tool? And who are you saving with it ? ┬ętemi_faniyi