• the_unsent_thoughts 9w

    Maybe many memes on best friend and a girl
    He never wished her to be with him at the stake of relation

    He does not know actually
    Why he was there with her
    even when she never realized what he felt for her

    Maybe that's what he knew he had fallen
    He didn't have a purpose specifically but still
    He was always there with her whenever she feels down
    Not as a shoulder but as a hand
    which is never visible to anyone

    He felt many times he should speak that what
    He actually is hiding inside him for long
    But that special relation "friendship" does matter him more

    Maybe hero wouldn't get her heroine at last
    Maybe the girl wouldn't know that there is someone
    Who feels so special for her
    But there might be a happy ending

    - Someone's story portrayed......

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    I felt for her the most
    She felt safe with me the most

    Yet she never knew what I felt
    Yet I didn't tell her what she actually meant to me

    Still we are happy
    That unsent thoughts are still within me
    That unspoken proposal I practice daily