• goddess_of_blazingwords 10w

    Why i choose to be a poetess

    In words I find light in darkness
    In rhythms I find Smiles in distress
    In Rhymes dwells my hearts sweetness

    Why I choose to be a Poetess
    Beacause in words i lay my expression
    Through ink I speak to the world,
    My bleeding ink,
    Personification my lover
    Hyperbole my best friend,
    Enjambment my pride and all that there is

    I choose to be a Poetess so my lines would melt a cold and frozen heart
    So my sweet melody would mend a broken heart
    I choose to be a Poetess
    Not for fame
    Not for money
    Not for hypes
    Not for likes
    Not for shares
    Not to showcase my dexterity in poetry battle
    But for a purpose
    To leave an impact
    To save a soul
    To speak to earth

    To leave a legacy of immortal words behind that would never say Goodbye even when I exhale my last breath
    I choose to be a Poetess because i was Born for this
    Thrusting deep into the Universe,
    there's nothing more i could have wished for other than be the poetess that i am.
    Hope Bomate Nelson (Bambi