• waltermullner 10w


    Who would have thought that there,
    in that dull place where time seems still and muffled and parts of the day are cut off,
    or Alcatraz prison as I call it,
    I would have met you!
    Would you ever have said that in that mental health center a friendship like ours could be born?
    I didn't even know if I could reborn myself and yet...
    We came out in two my mate!
    At first perhaps afraid of knowing us for what alas in the end we are and we have.
    Or maybe I was the most one for the skeptic I am.
    And now look,
    we walk through the town,
    go to our usual bar and talk openly on any subject without restrictions.
    A normal thing for many.
    Laughing and joking and joking and laughing out loud until rectal prolapse!
    And if we may look crazy to people it doesn't matter,
    time flies and days like these are fully remembered!
    It's the freedom that we have never felt.
    When that afternoon at my home you confessed to me that you would take your own life if...
    I felt my heart grasp and push towards my back.
    I knew,
    you are too cultured to be happy.
    As I have too much memory to be so.
    We already talked about it in the past,
    everyone is master of the own life.
    Together with you I always learn new things as you don't forget your mistakes and your great values ​​that I help you remember.
    I respect you,
    but when it comes to someone who is with you,
    close to you,
    inside of you,
    I can't just stand by and watch!
    I respect your life like mine.
    We will overcome everything if we are together,
    as we have always done until now.
    And we'll continue to grow old,
    to chat,
    to share thoughts,
    to have experiences,
    to laugh and joke and joke and laugh like Socrates and Plato.
    Because only you and I make a team!
    You've never liked love poetries and I also know why but when you read this one day,
    don't tell me that you cry because you got something in your eye.
    I love you,
    friend of my life.