• auree529 6w

    I'm really tired of love
    and seeing it too
    all y'all hugged and boo'd up too
    I follow all the black love pages
    and positive people
    "Love will find you"
    "Be patient"
    "God hasn't forgot about you"
    I want to believe them so bad
    I mean I really fuckin' do!
    but I just double tap, and smile
    but inside I'm screaming
    Fuck You!!
    God sees me out here single for years
    he see aint nobody checkin for me
    I mean.... I can't tell you how long it's been since a
    brothas gotten at me
    It's hard. I mean Really Really hard
    My nights are just me. my movie dats and comedy shows, concerts, just me
    I know me, I do me. I know what I like to do
    I'm not saying I'm even ready to give up MY dating time
    But damn! let me at least try
    I'm really tired of Love
    and seeing it too
    All y'all hugged and boo'd up
    Getting proposed to
    it sounds bitter I know
    I don't want to be
    I smile and I'm polite
    I read and write
    I gtravel, have a pasport
    have my own money
    401k and stocks
    I mean SHit!
    I'm bringing something to the table and putting it in the pot
    I'm doing it all by myself
    Iv'e never screamed I don't need a man
    I do
    I do
    I'm just not sure where he at
    probably like the memes say
    "All up under that Bitch and HE still getting played"
    Shorty swing my way
    I'll cook you dinner, rub your feet
    I would say I'm a freak
    but we'll just go with, that I like to please
    I'm really tired of Love
    Not finding me

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    Tired of Love