• bushra_sayed 9w

    A shell for a secret

    A shrouded slice of my secret
    Desired a casket to dwell
    In the scrutiny to find its shell
    Oh ! This slice might drip before
    For that pearl to reach the sea shore
    I wonder where to find

    I sat atop a light house
    The three eyed search of ours
    Over the blue land I towers
    See how the vigilant fears
    For the pearls are my secret tears
    A shell ! I wonder how to find

    The bidder commerced a price
    The trader sales the lot
    But the owner is vigilant of the plot
    Dont you take my vigilance for fear
    For I stand I watch the sea from pier
    A shell is all I want to find

    For those beads remain a secret
    Of owner to change it to pearls