• bivute 9w

    Unknown world

    In a world of race a child was born
    The child was female,it was not her faulf to be a girl
    Her family cried at her birth hoping to be a boy a girl was born
    Grew up a little older n hoped to treasured by her parents but got treated as a unuse full stuff
    She became a bit older grew up being a beautiful women with a great heart
    The society saw only the beauty not her heart
    Walked out of the home got raped ....
    Nah!! Its her fault to be preety
    Was it?
    Got married hope to have a better future but treated as a slave
    Stressed with this cruel and unkown word
    She died ..

    Was is her fault to be born as a women ?
    Was it her fault to be preety?
    Was it her fault to be raped ?
    Nah.. It was the fault of society who thought about theirsleves before others