• thestubbornscribbler 30w

    DID YOU ?

    And they say the GOODBYES without any GOODBYES hurts the most ..
    I want to say that ,
    I am shocked how true this sentence is.. It feels like someone have stabbed from the back but all you have to do is SMILE because you have to show that you are strong ..
    But eventually it hurts deep down in your heart ..
    It just breaks you up ..
    I still remember how we met ,
    On a stupid comment ..
    Things were okay ,
    Friendship was good ...
    You wanted relationship and I didn't wanted to spoil the bond of friendship ..
    But ,
    I did gave you the chance .
    But , what you did ??
    Kept me in waiting saying that I need Breaks ..
    Breaks that never ended ..
    In those 2 months I devoted myself to you ..
    Kept my anger , depression all the things out of your reach ..
    Telling me about the girl you like being in relationship with me , you said she is soo pretty and her thoughts are soo good ..
    I was crying that day ,
    Why ?
    Because you didn't had time for me and when you was talking to me you talked about someone else ..
    And that day you said that I'm close minded ..
    Where was I ?.
    Was ever I ? Or
    Just a time pass ? ..
    And after doing so many disheartening things you broke up ..
    Why ? ..
    Because you wasn't sure ..
    I became a stone hearted by then but only for you ..
    Because dear , I ain't a toy nor a station to which you come & go ..
    You came , for what I didn't expected ..
    You wanted me back ..
    Irrespective to my feelings you abused me , Body Shamed me ..
    My respect for you was gone that day .
    And then in a very fine day you compared me with your new beautiful girlfriend also that she said not to talk with me ..
    And that you are happy that you are not with a person like me ..
    You said I never understood your feelings and she did understand them ..
    I want to ask
    DID YOU ? ..
    Did you ever tried to understand me ?
    Did you ever made an effort to know why I'm sounding low on texts ?
    Did you ever gave me respect from your heart ? ..
    Did you ever cared ! ?