• proper_noun 9w

    an irked night,
    a torment before a hullabaloo,
    awaits a dreaded day,
    with traumas and the déjà vu,

    hand with a spoonful,
    of cold and broken noodles,
    picking up a severed head,
    for etching its disfigured doodles,

    opening the boxes,
    hoping for the leashed pets,
    transposing the totality,
    and getting lost in the misplaced brackets,

    the innocence is senile,
    when all the paradigms are subtly penile,
    holding the ground for a lost cause,
    an indecency mocking the unmade laws,

    always short on rent,
    while living nowhere,
    and getting killed being stuck,
    slowly becomes your favourite nightmare!

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    and then you are told,...

    'when no one speaks,
    how can you not listen,
    and if you still wonder,
    about that stab in the back,
    you are not fully dead yet!'