• ndichuu 5w


    At thirteen I met this guy,
    Who never made me cry.
    To see him smile I'd always try.
    I hoped to be his ride and die.
    When we were together no thing was wry.
    He always brought me gay like the fourth of July.
    This guy, I call him Chai.

    This guy was so sweet.
    With his words, sadness he'd defeat.
    Every time we would meet,
    The gap in me he'd complete.
    We held hands in the street.
    And we loved it when our palms sweat due to the heat.
    This guy, I call him Chai.

    Chai, you taught me what is love.
    Chai, you helped me off my knees.
    Chai, you brought merry in my life.
    Chai, you showed me that I'm worth.
    So I'll love you till my last breath.
    So I'll care for you till my last breath.
    This guy I call Chai.