• pallabighoshal 5w

    Love You A Little Bit more Every-Day

    As Soon As I seeSomeone Getting Close 2 u
    I only get jealous ,I Love You
    & I do not Wan't anyone else 2 have you
    I am sorry ,Sometimes I get Jealous
    Thinking that someone else
    Can make u happier than me
    They call it Jealousy & I call it fear of loosing you
    Craving & Desiring
    That You be mine & only and only mine
    You Bless Me
    A Benidiction of Favour and Protection, Only & Only For Me, I wll be your first & a leading Worshipper
    Promise me that no one will come n between us
    I will call you mom, papa besties
    my first nd my last love
    Will go in a long drive ,Hold you tight nd cry when in pain ,Will watch together The Sky,My Love
    My Shivaa, Har Har Mahadev
    I think I Love You A Little Bit more every day
    May You Grace me & Only me With All Your Blessings,
    My Shiva He Destroyes and Recreates, He is mine
    & I only I possess him