• clifton 30w

    Last Serenade

    The last serenade,
    To a fast setting 'sun',
    For what seemed like a moment,
    You owned the world.
    With the strength of an empire,
    You became a true symbol,
    Of the eternal struggle,
    To let peace unfurl.
    Your voice, it would echo,
    Through the wards of defiance,
    The marches, and ralleys,
    Standing to lead,
    From a hippy generation,
    You became someone special,
    Threatened establishments,
    And their ways of greed.
    An icon to so many,
    With a touch of the commoner,
    You knew where you came from,
    It never left your side.
    So, it broke the whole world,
    When you were taken so cruelly,
    Outside the Dakota,
    A hero had died.