• dsen_z94 10w

    sleep with the clock ticking,
    And I rise to its tocking,
    Days, nights and seasons,
    even our actions are told by its tick tock.

    As a kid I thought I was an instrument of time,
    Until society taught me that I’m just an object of time,
    ‘When’ have been used to thrust my actions,
    As it has been the measure of my success.

    They say time flies,
    But not all of us can catch that flight,
    why pressure me to get it all now,
    Knowing everything good comes in due time.

    Everyday we strive to beat the clock,
    but it’s us who end in tears,
    I thought time lasts forever,
    But when we die, time stops ticking for us,
    Isn’t time the greatest twisted lie?
    Cos they never told us ‘we are the time’