• suryanshisinha_19 10w

    The night before Halloween

    I opened my eyes it was really dark,
    Not even a light spark.
    Soon the scene became clear,
    I saw cracking stairs while my heart was beating with fear.

    I saw a basket of trick or treat,
    With yummy chocolates and sweets.
    I picked up the basket moving it in the air,
    While I heard somebody coming downstairs .

    I grabbed the basket tightly in my hand,
    And saw a ghost band.
    I ran for my life,
    Thinking will I survive

    Soon I found myself in an arcade game place,
    That place will keep you amazed.
    I played a game,
    Called '.Hall Of Fame'.

    Suddenly the game switched off and the lights went dim,
    It was just me and him.
    It was a vampire in front of me,
    I wasn't ready to be eaten but he was ready to eat me.

    I opened my eyes seeing myself on my bed,
    With my toy dog Ted.
    I slept again hugging my dog,
    I never see this kind of nightmare again I pray to God.