• delighted 9w

    Remember love

    I remember love when I first saw you
    In my mind you were going to be fantasy lover coz there was no way you would see me
    That day I got the shock of my life
    As you walked towards me with that devilish smirk of yours
    The minute you held my hand my mind went blank
    Everyday I would wake up waiting for it to not be true
    For you to be my own "crazy" imagination
    Then something happened
    Till now I don't know what
    You stopped looking at me with eyes full of love but now sadness
    Was I really that bad that you started to feel sad for me
    Or was it you were sad because you knew you didn't love anymore
    I never wanted to be that girl who asks was it something I did wrong
    If you expect me to ask then you will have to wait for a while
    I know at this point you are expect me to tell you I found a better you
    And yes I did the person loves me more than you ever did
    Instead of letting me drown in my sorrow they bring joy
    I finally found me my sweetheart
    So that today I can write and tell you
    That I remember love
    I remember