• riyaortiola 9w


    It's been a while,
    and I know you won't
    recognize me
    or whence we've met.
    Or what my name was.

    Of course
    you don't remember.
    I don't expect you would.

    From afar,
    I waited for your eyes
    to meet mine.
    They never did,
    except a passing glance
    that said it meant
    -- for you, at least.

    Your heart had been
    wishing the same thing,
    but it was
    for someone else's.
    It was only she,
    and those moments
    you remembered.
    I was nothing,
    I was nobody.

    While I was looking at you,
    wishing and hoping you knew
    of my very existence,
    you were oblivious.

    But that was
    no fault of yours.
    It's just that
    your eyes never saw
    except her.

    The irony is,
    she's got
    her heart beating
    for another.

    I guess that's the only thing
    we had in common.
    We were barely remembered,
    if not completely
    by those we kept staring at
    from a distance.