• calmpoems 23w


    Don't you hate it when it's time to go to bed? You have to turn off the lights. You sometimes ask to keep the light on but, your parents say " No." Tonight I try to sleep but I can't... Somethings keep me up at night like how I can see things when the lights are turned off. It's five in the morning no one is awake but me and the tall woman beside the door. She sometimes calls my name in my classroom. It normally happends during class and
    I can't pay attention to the lesson when the woman is calling my name. Sometimes I even go home with a orange card and mad parents. Today the tall woman called my name when I was doing homework and she told me secrets. I told my mother but, she didn't believe me and I even told my father but, he also didn't believe me. that night I asked the tall woman "What's your name?"And she replied, " My name is- “ Her name was said in tongues....