• _nehneh_ 5w

    To love and be loved

    I find love in you
    In the silence of your words
    And the unending strength of your actions
    That even when they fail, nothing changes

    I find love in the company of our bitter-sweet romance
    Like petals defining the beauty of a flower
    Detailed and outlined
    Attractive in its contrast

    I find love with you
    In those little moments captured through the lens of our souls
    When rain splatter trigger memories of our infant innocence
    Reminding us to love and be loved carefree

    I struggle to find words
    As such to describe the depth of which you love
    You bare your flaws and weaknesses without guilt
    Your perfections are soul deep

    There is no greater joy
    Than understanding that love is a sacrifice
    No greater love
    Can surpass the beauty of friendship