• thatgeekgirl 10w

    Waste not time waiting

    Waste not time waiting, feeling uncertain or scared.

    Waste not time waiting for "the right moment" to come.

    Waste not time trying to get every part of you precisely prepared.

    Waste not time waiting, holding back, if you're resisting the urge to succumb.

    For the time we spend waiting is time consumed, gone forever. Once passed, you can't take it back.

    One moment of the time you are gifted by chance can be forever changed at the drop of a hat.

    You can be going about as normal, walking, driving, thinking, talking, doing something as simple as tying up your shoes.

    The next moment your entire world can be turned upside-down. Time is limited, life is volatile, both easy to lose.

    Waste not time waiting for a day that's not raining.

    Waste not time depending on sunshine.

    Waste not time waiting for perfection, or validation.

    Waste not time waiting for some "fateful sign".

    Waste not time trying to become "good enough", less messy, more appealing, less difficult, or more strong.

    Waste not time regretting you didn't make different choices, or mulling over where in life you went wrong.

    Waste not time crafting veils for your flaws, shrouds to cover your every scar.

    Waste not time waiting for people who don't see the good in you change. Instead embrace those who accept you, exactly as you are.

    Waste not time wishing that things were better, or different. If horses were wishes, then beggars would ride!

    Waste not time waiting, hiding away from all this world has to offer. Get your boots on, stand bold, and step outside.