• aijuzehn 23w

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    I wish I can heal my broken heart.
    Can you regard as not happening?
    Can you consider me as a stranger?
    Can you leave me alone?
    These are the questions I wanna ask you
    when you left me alone.
    But today, you are in my mind.
    I should forget you as you forgot me.
    It's not an easy to take such an attitude.
    My heart feels ache.
    I fall harder and harder everyday.
    I woke up everyday till yesterday
    knowing you were mine.
    But today's morning,
    you aren't mine in the blink of an eye.
    I was, am the problem.
    Because of me all good things come to an end.
    I could ask you to stay
    but there is nothing left to say.
    You have already decided everything.
    Hate me rather.
    Don't show me an affection for me anymore.
    Don't condemned me as merciless man.
    I only chose a parting way for you.
    It won't take long until sorrow disappears.

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    Can You Consider Me as a Stranger?

    You are hanging on to someone
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