• thestellarflower 6w

    I dont know just ..a midnight thought!♥️

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    Take me back

    When i cried for just not attending school
    When i lied for just not eating food
    The day I struggled just to do not ruin my white shoes
    The day I snuggled under my dads arms just to buy some balloons
    Take me back! Please take me back!!
    The day when dad taught me how to make tea
    The day when i loved wearing my dads tee
    It was just a normal day when dad was late to pick me up after school
    And it became special for me when he bought me a very new clothes
    Take me back!!i want to live those memories though
    To the day where mom prepared a secret dish for meal
    It was a surprise for me to discover a maggi inside tiffin
    All this memories relief..take me back please!!!!
    To the day where i was a birthday girl
    They bought a new clothes for me to show off around my world
    Since it was a childhood memories in which nothing lacks
    Take me to my world back!! please take me back