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    This word brings a small curve at the edge of lips,for most of us.The brewing smell which comes out when the coffee beans are fried,is a true bliss.The best smell admist every smell which takes us to the heaven for a little time.

    The color of the coffee always defines its tastes.some likes to have without mixing it with milk,some people with seventy percent of milk and all depends and changes accordingly.But the one thing which never changes is that the love towards coffee.The first sip in every morning,even my words got struck to define it.It a feel which can't be expressed by words,it can be observed only when you try it.The coffee always have a another side,which remains always as a first chapter of everyone's love story.

    Every new beginning always starts with a cup of coffee.Having coffee along with some chit chats with our loved ones,makes the coffee more and more delicious.The true love for everyone is always coffee.still finding the answer for the question,which makes me to fall in love with coffee every single day.This post is a dedication to all the caffeine lovers out there.

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    Being in love with caffeine.