• m3l0dic 10w

    Dead Jokerz

    Dark skies shroud eyes of a joker as the storm,
    As I bat mine,
    There are no signals to alert my mind,
    That someone will come by protecting me with,
    A shield I can only hold for myself on this battlefield I was placed in...

    Concrete rife with debris from each bomb detonated by He who bleeds,
    Destruction for a laugh at crying souls whom see,
    Right through His sardonic decrees I refuse to follow through.
    Lurking at me from every corner,
    I choose silence to strike a self righteous con into oblivion as Death looms...

    After all,
    I am the one they label a Vigilante,
    For putting His evils to a rest.
    Not Batman,
    A human trying to repent for sins I've committed in the flesh!
    Who knew.
    How His actions would come back around full circle when squared up by the mess,
    Made by a monster who could not gain courage to address,
    The heavy trail of carnage left.
    For me to clean and hide.
    Until I had gotten sick of watching a demon get away with his lies...