• vivianallison 5w


    I want to hug u and whisper the most beautiful words in ur ears
    I would like to tell you that I didn't plan any of these, it just happened... And I fall in love
    And I do not find any justification for the love that u make me feel
    I don't know if it was your smile, your eyes, your kindness or your essence
    But somehow my soul began to express it with poems
    Verses that u cannot imagine me writing for u.. but someday you'll know
    You cannot imagine that my greatest desire right now is to be in ur arms and breathe the same your breathe
    Lay beside you and use the same blanket that warms u up
    Everyday I wake up with ur name on my lips
    With ur image in my thoughts and ur voice in my ears
    Come baby
    Come closer
    A tight embrace is waiting for you, let me caress ur body and make u tremble
    But none of these will even match up to the way u love me flawlessly❣️