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    //"Gratitude lies in simplicity" they say, hence this... //

    I wanted to sing,
    a song, but too afraid,
    I was, thinking-
    Whether or not anyone
    would hear me sing.
    They say "Your voice
    Is too small", and so I
    Kept it inside, my song;
    And only I could hear
    The verses chiming like bells
    In an abandoned temple,
    So quondam and lone.

    I wanted to write
    a story, but too afraid,
    I was, to put it down.
    For I didn't want
    People to deride at me
    For making things up,
    That's too rare to occur
    In this reality starved world.
    So I didn't write, and every word
    Of my story now became
    A prophecy I felt bound
    To fulfill someday.

    I wanted to love,
    This time I did,
    Though I was afraid;
    For you don't decide to,
    But just fall in love or atleast
    That's what they say.
    And I gave it my all, maybe-
    Some more, than what I had.
    And as happens with all,
    I was left alone,
    With nothing but pain
    and memories, that'd last me;
    More than a lifetime perhaps.

    I didn't want to share,
    This time yet, they said
    I should, put them all out.
    My song, my story,
    My heart, and then I knew;
    This isn't just;
    About me anymore,
    It's for them, for the love
    That everyone has suffered
    For I knew,
    Even the most puissant of men,
    Have loved and cried someday..

    So I wrote a poem,
    Then another and on it went.
    Some days I wrote;
    About this world,
    Yet some days about the love
    I've gained more from than suffered.
    And I stopped crying some time ago,
    But my heart still shed tears,
    On the papers I wrote
    about our love, even today.

    I still hope someday,
    I could forget it all.
    "We all hope the same"
    They said,
    And I knew it was a lie.
    This pain is like a wish
    Already granted, though
    Never desired.

    And everyone writes,
    Some on paper,
    Some on the wind,
    But nobody stops
    Never will they.
    This is my song,
    My story, my poem,
    Nobody hears from me
    Yet everybody still writes
    And forever they will,
    I know, for this is what
    Keeps them alive.

    © tamanna3

    If you've read it till the end, here's a small -thank you- note for you- (do bear with me a little more please?!)

    Here's something I want to confess- There're so many people here, everyone writes to express their emotions in the best possible way they can.. I think everyone at one time or the other had this feeling (me included very well) of whether or not someone will relate to what we write, but I've realized when you write from heart, someday..your words will reach them all. Our peace of mind depends on us alone.
    Now, the most important part in my whole mirakee journey has only been recently, when I met so many wonderful,people! Each of you who reads this- I wish the very best for you, you are a beautiful soul, for everyone who writes has a special blessing from the heavens they say and why not, ofcourse you do! Keep shining and keep writing!
    I'm grateful to have each of you, who has ever read any of my writes, from the bottom of my heart !!❤️And I mean it .. !
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    I still hope I could
    Forget it all; they say-
    "We all hope the same"
    And I knew it was a lie,
    This pain is like a wish
    Already granted, though
    Never desired.