• surabhisinghnikumbh 9w

    Tired of being tired

    Tired of running
    Tired of numbing
    But these narcotics
    Is all I know..
    Pain, of loss, of failure, of doubt that's where I go..
    I don't know what else to do..
    When at night, all I do is twist and turn..
    Self torture, like it were burning my soul.
    A fire, one that burns those around me.
    As I go inward, towards the turmoil.
    Trying to walk, yet not a word is spoken.
    How can I, when no one tries to understand?
    What's the point of talking about what's going on,
    If at the end of the day it's as if I were still alone.
    Pain, its all I know
    Pain dwelling on it,
    Please no more.
    When if its like there is nothing worth fighting for..