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    The summer 2016 will go into history as "epidemic of dead eyes" as quoted by Amnesty international. A grotesque phenomenon that broke out outright after martyrdom of kashmiri Che Guevara has no parallel in recorded global history. In the opthalmology department of our hospital, the backdrop was asphyxiating.OPD was infested by a huge rush of patients. Anticipating for a pellet victim as subject, an old man with no sign of pellet trauma was presented to us. it was a peculiar case, dilated the pupils in a flash as though a stream of mydriatic showered the eyes. A missing left upper arm engrossed us altogether rather than the disease of his right eye. After jotting down his info, we couldn't preclude ourselves to enquire about the sob stuff behind the missing limb. In quite miserable voice, so began the narration of a macabre tale.
    A decade back in late 1990s when people of valley woke up from long diazepam induced sleeps, the poor chap had fell to the bullets of indian army. Charged with sedition for making inflammatory speeches exhorting masses to break up the shackles & dynamical framing to flee from morass of oppression. A volley of bullets had slashed his left arm inside the front yard of his house , whilst one hitting the hip of his grandson. Oscillating amid the whirlpools of blood , the dangling arm lost the hold & the toddler fell down in prostration. Allama iqbal's lines fits as fiddle;
    Hai azal c in Gareebu ke muqaddar me sujood,,
    Inki fitrat ka taqaza hai nimaz e beqiyam.


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