• luv_prit_ 22w

    yuh would be lucky, if I fell in love with yuh because only I know how deadly I love.
    ••for me, love is not just a part of life, love is the reason I live and the more I fall ,the more I irresistible I'll become for yuh to not love me back.
    ••love can't be defined ,it can be lived.
    ••love would be having yuh around, blushing about the things I tease yuh about.
    ••love is learning your habits and then living them together.
    ••love is knowing how yuh love ur food overcooked nd then have that extra roasted bread.
    ••Love is knowing ur favorite fragrance and always ordering it in bulk.
    ••love is knowing your favorite color nd gifting yuh the flowers of same.
    ••love is knowing the friend who ditches yuh nd play a pranks on them.
    ••love is knowing the things yuh hate nd start hating them gradually.
    ••love is knowing how yuh show care to people nd then care for yuh.
    ••love is knowing that having personal space is a thing to respect and not a jealous.
    ••love is knowing that no matter where yuh go ,my love is deep to bring yuh back.
    ••love is knowing that no matter what happens I'll stay by your side .����
    ••love is all about knowing that yuh are mine nd that I'm yours, only. ��❤
    ••love is knowing that I would love yuh forever, because if it's not forever it's not my kind of love.
    ••I wish that somewhere yuh know that, I would always try to be perfect for yuh and that if I fall for yuh ,yuh already are perfect for me. yuh don't need to change even a bit √
    With love.❤❤

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