• one_has_no_name__ 5w

    Here it is

    I don't know how to say this to you in person without crying so here it is...

    For a while now I've been Questioning my gender identity and as you know, for a while I thought genderfluid would work for me, but then it stopped being so fluid. I'm still not 100% sure (maybe I am, I don't know) but for a while the 'fluid' part of genderfluid stopped and I've been stuck on male for a couple of months now. I think I might be trans. I've been thinking about names and pronouns for and for a while I thought I liked my name as 'Cam'. I don't. Recently I've been trying Jamie and I think that feels a lot more like me. I don't mind if you call me you're girlfriend/boyfriend you can say whichever you feel more comfortable with. When I'm out I'll still call myself a transmale lesbian but remember that I'm still not 100% sure about this so it could still change.

    I don't want any surgeries maybe just a binder so I will still look like this and act like this, nothing will change apart from my name and pronouns. I have always been me so people can just think of me as a really feminine guy.

    I want to start trying out that name and he/him pronouns at school but only with a few people to start off with so probably just in revision after school. The only problem with this is that i am too scared to tell anyone even though I know the people I revise with will accept me. I know this is crazy and confusing and I'm sorry that I didn't speak sooner.

    I'm sorry