• spicycocoa1491 5w

    Your arms are around my waist
    Your face is buried in my hair
    You inhale my scent and say
    That it reminds you of roses
    You venerate me so much that
    You ask what you did to deserve me
    How you got so lucky that I chose you
    And your voice is sweet as honey
    You almost make me blurt the truth
    But if I told you why I chose you
    I know the truth would break you
    That in your eyes I see his eyes
    Your hair and face are like his
    In the syllables of your name
    One letter off from his
    I hear the echoes of the name I called
    When I truly fell in love
    I chose you for the wrong reasons
    I settled for a vague resemblance
    To the one who made me feel alive
    Some truths need to remain hidden
    If they would destroy your world forever
    So when you squeeze my hand I squeeze it tighter
    And let you rest your head in my lap
    So that you won't feel the emptiness that I do
    Nor know of the real reason why I chose you
    -Freya Abbas