• jerry_21_ 9w

    I have seen you hurting yourself at 2 am when you cut your veins and smile. Your pillow is soaked with blood and the ghost of your lover is hanging at the ceiling. You gulp down a bottle of booze in which you have mixed anxiety pills to forget the reason why you killed him.

    A cold hand with stiff fingernails comes up, down from your bed, and clench your bleeding wrist. It gives you a throbbing sensation down your spine to the whole body that is enough to make you unable to feel anything. You and pain, there is nothing else.

    The ghost from the ceiling falls at you and stab a knife deep inside you, with twists and turns. You scream and your dog starts licking your face. And then you realize that the person you’ve killed few years back did killed you in your nightmare, once again.

    ~ sifar