• theyoungpoet 5w

    By the words I shared with you
    I trigger myself everytime I let my mind wander to you. Wonder if you knew how much time I spent thinking about you. Would you think I’m crazy
    When I see your face it triggers me into a state of nervousness which fuzzes my brain I can no longer think. Whenever I see someone who i have memories with. I wanna drink cause I can’t handle there presence. I feel uncomfortable. Can’t think or process it. My mind tells me to run back I become magnetised to the presence. Maybe I reminisce the memories all over again or maybe a piece of me believes it will be different this time. Maybe that’s my failure. The essence of the past intoxicates me . Perhaps I’m naive to welcome the past with open arms. Newness is much more exciting to delve into but every so often I find my self dipping into the past and reliving the feelings. Sometimes I think about past people who have held a space in my life and it cuts deep to remember it didn’t work out .