• addete 10w


    When you look deep within the heaviness in your heart
    Piercing that empty centre you’ll find a sharp dart

    Somewhere, sometime, someone, something hit the bull’s eye
    And you let it remain there because removing it was always a failed try.
    Then you get tired of living the beautiful bubble of fun
    You try to find meaning where there is none.

    You push your self to be stronger only because being weak isn’t allowed
    How can you give up, ask for help and risk being lost in the crowd?

    You row harder and stronger till your arms give up
    You peddle faster than your legs can bear to race for the cup

    There. You did it! Everything on the outside is picture perfect
    But look? Everything on the inside seems so wrecked!

    And then you ask yourself again and again and again
    Didn’t you just achieve everything there was to gain?

    You dive into yourself finding feelings you brushed under the rug
    But it’s too late- the algorithm has a major bug

    And then again you look into the heaviness in your heart
    To find them lost emotions, shredding the rug apart

    You oscillate between a pain you don’t understand and that conforming bubble of fun.
    You’re strong, right? So you won’t give up and run

    Suddenly, your thoughts and dreams become like modern day abstract art
    And you know why?
    Because you left that piercing dart within the emptiness of your heart. .