• untamedink 23w


    Every time, each moment
    I sit down alone
    And take a walk
    As far, as near
    Back to my gone past,
    I think you, I feel you

    When you come back
    And cross my mind
    As a flash of lightening,
    My heart fails, stops
    And skips a beat

    And I close my eyes in pleasure,
    See the face, the smile
    That brought back to life
    The sun that had died
    In my hopeless presence

    The door to my heart flies free
    And you get in.
    I hold on firmly,
    Knowing each moment
    You'll stay just right there

    It's the only moment I believe
    In one truest thing in a lifetime
    That you're safe,
    Enclosed in my heart
    In the deepest chamber

    But when my dream ends,
    My eyes open
    And I find my heart doorless;
    You away and traceless

    So I collect myself up,
    Accept that I was wrong
    To be hopelessly in love with a shadow
    To fade in the dark night