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    This is a new thing I have tried here
    This verse is of 52 lines, alphabetically 2 lines starting with each letter
    In this verse,I have tried to depict the night phenomenon which is always with us around the globe

    Hope you guys will spare some valuable time and try n read this �� #nature #inspiration #poetry #thoughts #diary

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    Cosmic Night

    Again the night rises as usual round
    And the dark is cramping to surround
    Beyond boundaries of every tiny light
    Beneath every cloud that looked white
    Creating an impact of the ghostly fears
    Creeping in through courageous smears
    Devastating the light that tries to fight
    Displaying it's dreadful horrific might
    Enters the minds and the fairy-tales
    Explicitly creating mysterious sales
    Flickering rays aren't able to get it done
    Failed attempts of the deprived one
    Gathering the owls foxes and some dogs
    Generating an aura of mystical fogs
    Hallucinating the earth night comes in
    Hinders the mind soles and some spine
    Intriguing laments of the woody winds
    Iternal night then hushes those blinds
    Juvenile actions of the natural blows
    Jetting darkness then shines and glows
    Keeping in tandem silence comes in
    Killing a sound that's low and within
    Latent are night's sarcastic vibes
    Luminaries across creeds and tribes
    Mingling the horrors are the shadows long
    Mutilating every courage pretending strong
    Nightmares are hence a go dizzy spells
    Nocturnal stories are of darker tell-a-tells
    Optical illusions are at their upper peak
    Oscillating shades of just every creak
    Pondering over the time night flows through
    Panicking entire natural scenario though
    Qualitatively night is just a matter of time
    Quantitative impact is stubborn and sublime
    Round goes the night down the memory lane
    Ravishing memories of thrashing brutal pain
    Settling by now is the dark blackish layer
    Stratospheric nightmares aren't still over
    Tranquility prevails and perpetuates down
    Tickling time seems like a dreadly clown
    Utopian imagination of the black oh so dumb
    Utterly painful sadistic and horribly numb
    Velocity of the clockhands is still stable too
    Vitually everything seems to succumbing do
    Whatever fauna of dreadth and fear rest apart
    Waiting like a robotic for a command to start
    Xtreme conditions make it more than a gloom
    Xylophonist's melodies murmur to bloom
    Yodeling of the dark seems just to be over
    Younger birds leaving nests unto the trover
    Zippering black just nearly touches last line
    Zooming in sun glows with brighter shine