• jeitendra_shrma 5w

    I doubt myself
    as I might be capable to pull off such things;

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    Who, what I am?

    who I am?
    what I am?
    I am because of this world
    or this world is because of me?
    I exist thus I infer this world
    or this world exist without me?
    what is this time
    is it because of death?
    growth and decay
    is it unidirectional?
    can I reverse it?
    I heard various questions
    where will I find answers?
    am I what I do?
    these arbitrary choices or situations
    am I free? or slave of this world
    which manipulates me
    use it as fuel to drives it ahead
    to make me consume
    what is otherwise unnecessary
    I am mean to its end
    or I am the end in myself?
    what will happen if I choose to cross it
    the line of conscience
    created by the centuries of literature
    can I betray the blood of martyrs?
    Just a survivor merely acting to protect
    would I attack in order to defend?
    what would I do with all powers?
    would I become another dictator
    and act as if I were a God
    merciless, defiant, not bound by any morality
    would I become a sadist
    for people, whom I don't like
    would I kill? Just to make for a fun
    like medieval Gods
    would I recognize the animal I am
    or deny its existence
    and blame devil instead?
    a distraction to hide my actions
    no moral codes
    would I become another Nero
    and burn the Rome
    or General dyer and shoot the Innocents
    or Hilter and create another Holocaust
    Power corrupts the best
    and Knowledge is power
    I heard these saying
    now I believe it
    and refrain from becoming all-powerful
    I doubt myself
    as I might be capable to pull off such things;