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    Nothing will change even if I know, even if I tell you, so what's the point?
    But, still.
    Everything is a chaos here, everything.
    I don't really have a choice but neither do you. We don't even control the water we drink, the things we buy, the friends and colleagues we choose and we have the fundamental right of making choice, what a paradox? If you really notice, you will realize that we all are robots. Doing our daily chores and drowning in our drudgery. Nobody is any different. Some people don't care, some people do but they choose to ignore everything and keep on doing what they do. What is your choice? Do you ever think about your choices, which really aren't ours to make. Trust me or not, the world is controlled by the richest of the richest. We eat what they want us to eat, drink what they want us to drink, sleep on their especially designed mattress, look in the mirrors made by them, shit in luxurious shit-pots and they? They drink cocktails of our blood, eat sandwiches of our flesh and shit our hard work. Do you realize this illusion of choices that you have been holding so long? Well, I will destroy it. Gradually. Step-by-step. Get ready to be disappointed. (1/n)


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