• _anant_ 5w

    O my kind,O my lovely,O my sweet friend,
    I'm wicked, I'm cruel, I'm unworthy O sweet friend.

    I deserve hate,I deserve disgrace,I deserve the hell,
    Chaos break forth all around till where I dwell.

    Pick the lilies,pick the roses,pick not the thorn,
    Ay,it may hurt and the pain can cause you moan.

    Don't put up with me,don't keep up with me,keep me at bay,
    Oh just let this devilish spirit from you stay away.

    Let me wither,let me wilt,let my fall to the soil,
    And to anyone cause no trouble,no havoc,no turmoil.

    Show no sympathy,show no mercy,show no care at all,
    I'm the bad, I'm the worse, I'm the worst of all.