• soulsearching123 31w


    If I had a choice to be in your heart, would you let me in? If the forces that divide wreaked havoc, would you be my peace within? Some may say that laughter and tears are choices we make. I know not of this, simple dichotomy. For many, the lines are blurred, and the storms rage on, in bursts of agony.
    Yet the sun may well still shine on. Its radiance, hiding the camouflage,while
    pain lingers in faint hearts. Suddenly, the choices are not so defined, but dillemas that tear apart.
    Poor souls untouched by the kindness of years. Passed on by rivers of dreams that carry warmth and loving cheers.
    And suddenly, choices become the traps we ever fear. Invisibles shadows,lurking behind bitter tears. The obstacles that never disappear. ©soulsearching123