• _alchemist_shiva_ 11w

    Love story❤️

    We were sitting together, talking nd laughing with frnds. A moment came, we turned to each other and made an eye contact of 20 sec. World stop for me in that 20 sec. I avoid usually eye contacts with him as I cannot do anything seeing him directly so I see here, there and talk a lot.That 20 sec eye contact and magic happens - time stop there for me..we see a glimpse of each other soul..my heart beats soo fastly and i feel his love for me..i get butterflies in my stomach..i can see myself glowing, growing, beautifully blooming in his intense light brown eyes. Suddenly i realize no u have to control urself nd stop everything right now. I turned my face to our friends nd started acting like nothing happens but i fell in love with him once more, a more deeply.
    We fell in love more intensly❤️