• taw_poetry 6w

    Self Denial


    - Taw Francis]

    Inner self caught-up with pretence
    Oh Lord have mercy.
    Critique farewells and hostility unlawful interests-
    done growing for this ditches gaze

    Guaiol cent afflicted without amends
    The flames set off dealings misled upheld ends
    Like guillotine thoughts ferry to no mends
    An intrigued person that I am with no in-born bends?

    Mumble muzzles ringers aloud awaiting jot
    Build now or later not
    Chastity abbess yet mindful thought
    Such a blessing in disguise you ever got

    Love me now as am living and able to respond
    Leave me now as I will be able to endure
    Cheat and play now as there won't be no other time
    Cherish me by mine thoughtful delights, in thee

    For later than now is time sorting-
    and it favours you not
    Poor me poor you.
    Wonder what that says who.