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    I always dreamt of having an older sibling of mine. And, I thought my dream has come true only the difference is that I'm dreaming of myself being an older sister.
    So, When I first met my younger sibling & looked into her eyes. They completely told another story. Her eyes showing pain, yet she is wearing that smile as if she is feeling quite comfortable with me. What I see is that, she is giving me a questionable look?
    Trying to observe me; trying to understand what's wrong with her.
    Her puzzled soul just made me question what the hell is she suffering from that no matter what; her faith in herself is completely gone.
    Her heart is having so many questions and here I'm standing trying hard to contemplate on what has happened to her.
    When I came close, I asked "Hey, Little Angel. I'm here to help."
    Her saddened smile striving her best to stop tears coming from her eyes. She whimpered, "Can you help me & take out these knives out of me."
    To my dismay; I just saw that there were knives stabbed onto her chest making her soul trampled into pieces.
    "who did this to you?" I painfully asked. The girl cried and replied, " I did this to myself. I trusted wrong people. I developed feelings for the one who wouldn't accept me. I failed everyone. I lost in my exam. Ultimately I started terrorizing myself & when it became uncontrollable. I simply couldnt stop it."
    Her words echoed in my head.
    Was she so much in pain that that no one could stop her from killing herself. She felt so traumatized, she simply wanted to kill herself.
    Only she couldn't do this; Not because she didn't have guts but because she loved her family & it is not right to kill a soul by yourself.
    I simply looked at her & advised, "Remember what cannot kill you, will only make you strong. So, don't ever give up." She simply smiled.
    The knives were gone & she developed a newfound spirit.
    She simply thanked and said, "I never needed people to give me advice. I just wanted someone to listen."
    Finally, I was awake & felt galvanized onto improving my condition.
    Because the person whom I just talked was me & the person who listened was also me.
    This taught me; if there is one person who'll never leave you. It will always be your own soul.

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    Never Ever Give up.

    Her tortured spirit; found her way when she looked deep within herself.