• the_cursed_poet 5w

    I burnt myself in your love,
    your habit has turned me to ashes.
    Promises came out as ocean of tears
    words which once showed care,
    has became hatred;
    Every moment spent together
    brought me in solitude.
    Rolling down as tears,
    thought it was stream.
    But its ocean,
    resting deep inside my heart
    in the form of love.
    If you are happy,
    I will survive without you now,
    love isn't that important,
    for me to survive anymore.
    You are still the ruler of my heart,
    sitting on the throne of love which once existed,
    now its extinct.
    The pen and paper is what,
    now my love wears.
    Being the only sponge to absorb,
    my stony tears.
    Expecting faith from your side,
    I stood unfaithful
    even with the reflection in my mirror.
    I would have hated you,
    But you became part of my worship.
    Its true that I love you,
    what if it didn't had happy ending ?
    Your picture in my eyes,
    I recite only your name.
    What surprising is love my dear,
    Your heart's pulmonary artery
    is passing through my pericardial membrane.

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