• shoaib_malik 9w

    There was a time,
    When people used to love,
    On the basis of humanity,
    Society and community,
    Dont knowing whether,
    Where they came from,
    Or what their passion was,
    Which religion they belonged to,
    Or what was their name,
    What was day,they were born,
    Or whether are they rich or poor,
    There was a time when,
    Not hate but love was shared,

    And now , the time has come,
    Where people show thier love,
    On the basis of similarity ,
    In culture, religion, community,
    Before handshaking,
    They want to know whether,
    They are of similar religion,
    Enjoy same culture,
    What's thier financial rate,
    Are they rich or poor,
    What's their date of birth,
    Or Same food they eat or not,
    Here is a time where,
    Not love but hatred is shared,