• penny_love 23w

    ITS A

    Come on child
    its time to go
    You know mothers
    they are not always
    that barking hurry up
    in your ear every morning
    that you heard about
    I mean they With All the irritation they carry throughout their days
    Too which it was of course
    hitched onto them by the way
    Not sure by who when or how
    but still its very very true
    All of the best mothers do
    Really do outdo themselves most days
    And Its always been hidden
    just under your appreciation for them
    And Its also in this other thing thats called...
    oh let me think
    you must too remember this hmmm ok!
    oh dear ...
    but what was that other thing called ?
    oh yes thats it
    It sure will be testing
    being in a
    patience competition everyday! Wouldnt it?

    Now dont you Forget it child
    or you too could lose all of yours

    remember but this child

    Even My own mother
    yes thats right
    your grandmother
    and her mum too
    Yes thats right too
    your great grandmother
    They too
    are all one of those
    its a "Patience competition Everyday" Mothers
    And Its a Pretty snazzy thing isnt it ?
    All those things that mothers can do for you...

    Tbc editing