• himseth 27w

    Love of My Life ❤️

    You found me when I was at my lowest,
    Sailing or sinking not sure of the mindset.

    You held my hand and pulled me out of the darkness,
    When I think of you each day there is more and more thankfulness.

    You loved me like a prince of those fairy tales,
    You were the best decision of my life among all fails.

    All my life I always complained to God ,
    Pointing out not much love upon me he has bestowed.

    Then he sent you in my life ,
    And showed me that life is much more than being under the butchers knife.

    He loved my like I deserved it,
    I was a shining star he made me believe it.

    ''Beautiful" is what he calls me,
    And I am not the prettiest of those girls trust me.

    I will love you today tomorrow and forever,
    Will hold your hand till eternity, we will never be apart never ever ♥️