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    The world has always had enough maniacs Diana.
    You just never saw them.
    You only saw the good in the society.
    I lived in the darkness.
    Grew up in it.
    I made it a part of me.
    And when you see the darkness in the world, the world will never look the same.
    It's like walking into the sunlight after staying in the dark for a long time.
    You can't just see anything for a while.
    But the problem here is, you can never see the sunlight anymore once you've seen this darkness.
    It just blinds you forever.
    You just see darkness for the rest of your life.

    You never saw these maniacs because you were blinded by the good.
    You never knew who was good and who was bad.
    We've had maniacs dressed as clowns Diana.
    How would you even expect a clown to be a psycho?

    Most of these lunatics aren't born that way.
    They are people who were always good but snapped because of this ugly, cruel and filthy society.
    These lunatics are born because of us Diana.
    Because of what we do to them.
    Most of the serial killers are victims of child abuse.
    They are tortured during their childhood.
    And then they lose their senses and go on a killing spree.
    Because they lose hope in the world.

    I don't say they aren't wrong.
    I just wanted you to know why they become that way.
    It's because of us. The society.


    Just wrote this in a flow. Tell me what do you think about this.

    Here the clown I was referring to is 'John Wayne Gacy' if you don't know about him. Look it up.

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