• kusumsailaja 10w

    A WOman Who is Truely Empowered...

    A Woman's True Beauty is always Reflected in her Soul..
    Whenever she stand's up for herself or for a good cause
    She actually Unites all the "Women as One"..
    When She Praises Another Woman
    She actually Uplifts the Spirit of all the other Woman
    To believe in themselves and their Dreams and Encourages them to Live those Dreams as well..
    And thats where a Journey of a True Empowered Woman begins..
    When She constantly Plays as a Role of a Mentor, a Motivator n Encourages them n Inspires them
    She actually empowers all the other women to have belief in their inner Strengths to Change for Better..
    When She asks them to Overcome their Fears n Act on it..
    She actually helps them to Create a Better Mindset that gives Courage to other Woman take Decisions of her Own that Appeals her Heart n not any..
    When She allows to Showcase their Latent Talents
    helps them to grow to get a Recognition of their own..
    She actually Boosts their Self Esteem and Self Respect forever..
    When a Woman within us all of us Understands her own Self Worth..
    She actually empowers many woman to create their own Self identity to become independent in every way...whether its Mentally ,Financially or Emotionally..