• montycristo 5w

    Opposing Eyes of the Opposite

    Between us only to realize the (BEST WAY)(SHORTEST DISTANCE) to us is going/being straight forward physically and Mentally standing with confidence. In the awkward stillness before words are spoken. The thumping of drums beating in my ears, Palms sweating with moisture. Knees trembling knocking, rapping, and tapping, (Drawing the attention of) and Drawing near grabbing thee in a collective of unkindness of Ravens , Quoting Edgar Allan Poe... Even more all in a Row. Intemadating the butterflies fluttering from within my inner knowledge Sea. As always of moving forward with progress and not stepping back to be doomed retracing, repeating. Getting sidetracked and hyperventilating without a cause to be known to me seconds slipping through many fingers. As time and words stay motionless to linger To be nudged by courage. Regaining poise with a lack of noise. Getting closer, inch by inch. My heart is racing as I am facing you standing Toe to Toe, Chin to Chin, Nose to Nose, Eye to Eye, within a 6ft reason to be seasoned. Now to charm you with my words to soothe you and relieve this pressure we are feeling.
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